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RPost set the global standard for email proof, privacy, and e-signatures offered as Registered Email® services. RPost is an all-inclusive email service enabling users to track & prove email delivery, content and time, including the ability to prove privacy compliance with end-to-end email encryption, and eSign contracts and documents to speed contract sign-off. RPost plugs right into Outlook, Lotus Notes, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and other popular email programs. The receiver doesn't require any special software on their end to open, sign or respond.



A Self-Assessment Solution that Helps Covered Entities and Business Associates Comply with the latest HIPAA/HITECH Regulations. To comply with HIPAA and HITECH Regulations, CE's must prove that they have appropriate Patient Health Information (PHI) handling processes in place - and in use - within your Practice. Likewise, they must have written agreements and Proof-of-Compliance documentation from all Business Associates (BA's) and subcontractors that have access to your Practice's Patient Health Information (PHI). Compliance ensures that appropriate controls and safeguards have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive patient data. eGestalt SecureGRCTM solution provides a detailed risk analysis of all relevant aspects of your medical practice, and even helps track / manage your Business Associate's compliance documentation.



Evigilis partners with local security companies to help businesses across the North America reduce the costs associated with the administration and maintenance of building security systems.



Axcient's Complete Business Uptime for Encompass IT Customers

Because downtime is never an option, Axcient ensures data, application, and system uptime, all the time, with its market-leading data backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud continuity solution. Axcient's patent-pending technology, including both onsite and cloud-based offsite backup and virtualization, is built from the ground-up to save small and mid-sized businesses from the high costs of downtime-related loss of productivity and revenue. Axcient's data and application uptime solutions, accessible anywhere, receive widespread industry recognition and customer praise. Visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our Blog.