We pair global capabilities and cutting-edge technology with a personalized plan and a helping hand.

At Encompass IT, "customization" isn't a buzzword or code for prepackaged solutions. Our very first step in working with new clients is to do a complete analysis of all current technology, including current uses within the office and possible uses for growth. And when we present our proposed IT solutions to clients, we ensure that they understand absolutely every piece of that solution and why it we believe it's the right choice for them.

All of our clients, both in the United States and around the world, depend on us to be their trusted partners for technology solutions and support. They have relied on us to offer them our proposed solutions, trusted us to implement them and watched as these solutions have solved problems within their company and, often, have directly affected their growth.

As partners, we are also dedicated to continually monitoring, evaluating and optimizing our solutions. Our clients' success is directly proportional to ours, and so our evaluation and on-site and off-site support are second to none.